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Snyder speaks frequently about free expression and academic freedom

with his Carleton colleague, historian Amna Khalid. This profile​ from the

Carleton Voice explains why these issues matter to them.

Here are some of the topics they have addressed:

  • Free Speech and Why It Matters  

  • Is Free Expression at Odds with Diversity and Inclusion? 

  • Intellectual Freedom, Viewpoint Diversity and the Liberal Arts

  • Academic Freedom: What Is It? Who Has It? And Why Should We Care? 

Khalid and Snyder enjoy visiting different campuses to engage with

students, faculty, administrators and staff. For speaking requests and

inquiries, please email Snyder at


Khalid and Snyder have written extensively about threats to free expression

on campus and beyond. These threats--including book bans, anti-CRT laws

and campus speech codes--come from across the political spectrum. Khalid

and Snyder are particularly interested in the relationship between intellectual

freedom and social justice. See, for example, their work on:

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